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ബ്യൂട്ടി പാര്‍ലര്‍ !!! M80 Moosa | MediaOne | Vinod Kovoor | Surabhi

ബ്യൂട്ടി പാര്‍ലര്‍ !!! M80 Moosa | MediaOne | Vinod Kovoor | Surabhi

Follows the life of Moosa, a fisherman who lives with his wife and two children and faces a lot of social issues.

Director - KA Shaji

Actress - Vinod Kovoor (Moosa), surabhi lakshmi (Pathu), ibrahimkutty, chembil ashokan, appunni sasi, Jayaraj, Haridas, Athul, Rahul, Swathi

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MediaOneTV Live - https://goo.gl/KxXNKl
MediaOne Programs - https://goo.gl/kv8zBh

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M80 Moosa ep 11 || വെറുവെറയെല്ല വീട്ടമ്മ || Mediaone Lite | | Vinod kovoor | |


XXXL M-80 BIG FIRECRACKER (Compilation 2020)

Profi cannon shot big boy is a 100g firecracker sold from Osinow Dolny, manufactured in Europe. Due to the rumored death of the maker of cannon shot big boy, these firecrackers are no longer produced identically to the original. However, in USA, his legacy continues with profi cannon shots to be saluted on 4th of July.


Profi cannon shot firecracker 100
Ground fountain salute firecracker 100
Half stick m80 firecracker
Full stick m80 firecracker
Cipolla firecracker 100
Tennis ball bomb firecracker 100
Ground flare salute 215
Sparkler bomb
XXXL Spanish cracker

I love fireworks. I have been fascinated with pyrotechnics, m-80s, and the 4th of July for years now. I love my country and have no shortage of celebrating my freedom. I am blessed to share my hobbies, enjoy my time with others, and see the joy I create.
God bless America and all you amazing people!




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